Family Participation

Your parents and children are the most important persons in your lives.  If you wish, they may participate in your wedding ceremony.  Here are a few examples:

Children's Ceremony

Childrens' Ceremony

The couple may purchase a gift to present to the child/children. The gift may be: a small ring, a charm, a bracelet, a necklace or a nice watch.  This ceremony takes place right after the ring exchange and the child should stand next to the couple as the officiant explains that the bride and groom are promising their love to one another, but the are also pledging their love to their child (children) as well, promising to create a family together where love, trust and understanding must always be present in their lives.  The parents then present the gift as a symbol of their commitment. 

Mothers' Recognition

Mothers' Recognition

Mothers can play and important part as well.  They can participate in the Rose Ceremony, the Unity Candle or the Sand Ceremony.  With the Rose Ceremony, as they are escorted down the aisle, they can each enter with a rose and give it to the couple right before the exchange of roses. During the Unity Candle, they can light the side candles and give it to their respective child and with the Sand Ceremony, both moms can pour their sand right before the couple symbolizing the union of both families.  A special reading is read with each ceremony.