Your Wedding Vows


The wedding vows are the most important part of the ceremony.  It is the moment when the bridal couple forget everyone around them and only concentrate on each other, their commitment and their love.  The bride and groom may use the officiant's vows with something as simple and meaningful as:

"I promise to love and to inspire, to give and receive, to respect and honor and to work today and always to make our dreams come true". 


"I promise to live, laugh and love through all the seasons of our lives together. To be your best friend, your only partner and your one true love.  I promise a relationship filled with trust, honor and respect.  I make these promises lovingly and freely and will honor them for the rest of our lives".

Weddings by Marty have many different vows to choose from and express your own personal feelings.  However, you can write your own and below are some words to help you create them: 


Accept   Dependability   Happy   Peace   True   Honesty     Faithful     Adore     Beautiful
Joy   Laugh   Love   Sincere   Commit   Binding     Wonder     Offer     Partner
Growth   Faith   Priceless   Pledge   Gentle   Mutual     Truly     Eternity     Enduring
  Solemn    Strive   Respect    Eternal   Desire   Destiny      Worth      Triumph      Treasure
  Protect    Romantic    Promise   Soul Mate    Support   Sweet     Loving     Friend      Nurture
Soft   Share    Reliable    Pride    Embrace   Cherish      Comfort      Complete     Caring  
 Sincerity   Only    Noble    Endure     Constant   Cozy      Sweetness     Tender     Symbol 
 Courage   Worthy    Companion    Commitment     Challenge    Unconditional     Swear     Uplift     Precious 
 Wonderful   Virtue    Pure    Independence    Humor   Fair      Endeavor      Emotional     Devoted 
 Tender   Safe     Best Friend    Spirit    Sorrow   Strength       Join     Affection      Trust